Come take a glimpse at Grandista Goku Ultra Instinct items


Dragon Ball Grandista Resolution Soldiers Ultra Instinct Goku Prize Figure [JP Ver] Vol.3 comes in 2 colors: Regular(Left) and Black(Right).

Doesn’t it look grand?? It’ll be a nice little addition to your DB collection !
You can get your Goku in his mastered Ultra instinct form during his epic final battle with Jiren in Dragon Ball Super by clicking on the banner at the bottom.



Did you hear about that guy who helped that girl who was being attacked, so now he gets a voice acting gig in the new Broly movie? :open_mouth:


I heard about him, but didn’t know he got a gig in the new movie :open_mouth: that’s pretty neat !


YOU’RE pretty, neat :heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue: