Dragon Ball FighterZ - Enjoyable and easy to play for all


To all of those who think fighting games are hard or are difficult to grasp (in this case Tekken for me with their crazy hard combos which I can never get correct so all I do is button mash), Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the games that proves this wrong. In Dragon Ball FighterZ’s case, it has a tutorial system which “lays out its mechanics in a very plain see-then-do manner” making it easy for beginners/newcomers to grasp. There’s even an auto-combo feature if you like to spam light or medium moves, but we can’t say for sure that those combos are optimal or safe to use against certain opponents. There’s been plenty of people who’ve grasped the gameplay and are able do crazy combos just days after the game was released from what I’ve seen. That’s insane!

I might just pick up the game myself after having read Kotaku’s article about it. For those who’ve already played Dragon Ball FirghterZ, I’d love to hear your opinion about the game. There’s a link provided below if you want to read more about the gameplay.

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