Dragon Ball Super Fascinating Facts!


Did you know that Akira Toriyama rewrote almost all of the DBZ movie Battle of the Gods?? When he read the script for the movie, he wasn’t satisfied with the outcome (more like he disliked it), so he decided to rewrite it entirely. The author of one of the articles on thegamer.com said, “Goku’s Super Saiyan God transformation was changed from a buff beefcake with a cake to the slender, simple red design we now know, Beerus was modified from an outright villain to an antagonist with no real malicious intent, and Pilaf and company were added in.” Who knew? This is only one of the other 25 interesting facts about Dragon Ball Super ! Another one is that Resurrection F was based off a song. What song would this be? To read more about this and the other facts , click on the link provided below:

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If they are resurrecting everyone, does that mean Hitler will be coming back too? Hated that guy :rofl: