Fate Grand Order Tips


Complete Your Daily Quests in Chaldea Gate

• Just because you love the storyline, doesn’t mean you should ignore the rest of the game, so make sure you don’t forget to do your Daily Quests. The rewards upon completion will let you level up your Servants immensely and will give you Mana Prisms. Speaking of…

Mana Prisms

• You can use Mana Prisms to purchase Summon Tickets, EXP Cards, and more. When you get 3* cards you should burn them for Mana Prisms, which can help you exchange for useful items. (P.S. One of the best way to grind for 3* cards will be the Ember Gathering stages).

Hero Crystal

Fou Cards increase your Servant’s ATK and HP permanently which clearly affects battle immensely. Don’t just focus on experience level, because these Cards let you enhance your Servant’s abilities no matter the level. You can get Fou cards from events from exchange them from the Mana Prism shop.

Don’t Be Discouraged if You Do Not Summon a 5* Servant

• The more powerful a Servant is, the higher the cost is to use in battle. Many low rarity Servants are not only useful in battle, but also useful in cost management.

Summoning Servants You Already Have?

• Looking for an extra punch in battle? Use your duplicate Servants to level up a Servant’s Noble Phantasm. This will enable your Servant’s NP gauge to charge over 100-percent and level up the power of your Servant’s Noble Phantasm.

Leveled Up Your Servant to the Max Already?

• Try performing Ascension to increase your Servant’s level cap. On top of that, Ascension will change your Servant’s character skins and Saint Graph image, making them feel and look more powerful. Ascensions can be performed using materials acquire through various quests.

Class Affinity

• Level up Servants of multiple classes. Each Servant Class has their strengths and weaknesses against other Classes. Before you start a Quest, there will be icons signifying the Enemy Class Tendency. Choose your party based on which Classes you’ll be up against for maximum advantage.

Leveling Up Your Servant Bond Unlocks New Features

• If a Servant is in your party for a quest, their Bond Level will increase upon completion of the quest. You can level up your Servant’s Bond Level to unlock conversations in the My Room feature and unlock their profile entries. Through the My Room conversation and profile entries, you can immerse yourself further into the lore of Fate/Grand Order.

Craft Essences Help Your Servants in Battle

• Craft Essences give Servants bonuses like filling up their NP gauge at the start of the battle, power up their DEF, increase Critical Star Drop Rate, and more. Limit Break your Craft Essences for even better results by enhancing a Craft Essence with a duplicate Craft Essence card. This will increase your Craft Essence’s level cap.

Just Because You Finish a Singularity, It Doesn’t Mean You’re Done, Plus Here’s Some Extra Advice

• Many Servants have unlockable quests that you can unlock once you Ascend them called Interludes. Completing these Interludes will give your important rewards that will help you level up your Servants’ skills and reveal even more backstory.

• Did you set up your supports? You can set up supports for your friends to summon into battle. Doing so will earn you Friend Points for you to use at Friend Summons.

• You can equip Craft Essences at the Party Setup screen. By tapping the box below the Servant icon, you can enter a selection screen to equip the best Craft Essence fit for your playstyle.

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