"Goku Day" and "Piccolo Day" is May 9th and it's official!



The Japan Anniversary Association has "officially” recognized May 9 as “Goku Day”, but some sources
have also announced it as both Goku and Piccolo Day, since the numbers 5 and 9 can be read as go (五)
and kyū (九), (or lazily, ku) respectively. Now if you’re wondering you it’s also Piccolo day, here’s what
comicbook.com said “ The Namekian got his big day way back in Dragon Ball The original anime once
saw King Piccolo declare that “every May 9th will be celebrated as Piccolo Day” — and the honor stuck
around even once the demon king died and was reincarnated as the Piccolo fans know and love.”
To commemorate the new day, Masako Nozawa (Goku’s Japanese voice actress) attended an event after
a screening of Resurrection of ‘F’ on Saturday in Shinjuku.

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