Gunpla builder and Collector


Hi guys, just looking to see any builder and collector in this lovely site. I have been building Gunpla for quite some years now and own quite a few MG, PG and HG. I have also recently customized a Gunpla for regional contest and landed 2nd spot.

Let’s see your build and/or collection! :smiley:


I’d love to try building some gunplas someday, but sadly I’m not dexterous or patient enough. Congrats on landing the 2nd spot for regionals btw !!


Thanks! I still say you should try it! I’ve known many people with your lack of skill and have actually gained those skill through work. Grab your favorite HG gundam or Mobile Suit and build it, even if it’s for fun :slight_smile:


Thanks ! I think I’ll give it a go :smiley: !


That’s cool!!! Hoping to see more from you - it’s been a long time since I built Gunpla myself :grin:


Deep striker at the bottom?


You know it! ;D

It’s one of my favorite builds tbh!


Lucky! Hehe, yeah it does look cool. There’s a SD one too isn’t there? :thinking:


yup… This is the SD version xD


Oh shiiiii… Nice dude. I need my glasses but can’t find em lol. I gotta show you this build I saw the other day, it’s insane. I’ll find the link later :smiling_imp:


Look at these hard builds I did, talk about expert grade huh? :rofl:


Omg! Are those Lego gundam you made? :o that’s awesome as heck!


Lol yeah, easiest builds since SD’s :rofl: