How to hoard quartz in Fate Grand Order


Tired of always having zero quartz when your waifu appears in the Gacha? You want to have more chances of getting your husbando without coughing up money? Well this is the post for you.

I’ve been meaning to make this blog post for a while. To share my and ask your tips and tricks on how to save up quartz for That One servant you really hope to pull. As a F2P without rank EX luck myself I usually resort to these to try and increase the chances of a 5*.

Keep in mind that following these will only improve your chancesin a special banner, as many people (including myself) have wasted 300+ quartz and only got something like D’Eon.

Also some of these tips are easier to follow on NA since you know more or less what is coming to stop yourself from blowing up all your quartz on a flavour-of-the-week servant and then regret it when a banner you really want pops up.

For all the Dantes-tier masters out there

So without further ado let’s start with the tips:

1st Tip. Actually know which servants you really want.

This is harder to do in the JP server since you don’t know which new servants may appear. However in NA that is not the case as the player can know what will appear in advance.

Just grab a list of the released servants in JP server and circle the ones you really want. Try to be selective, if you choose everyone then making a list is moot.

Even in the JP server this tip can help you to some degree. If there’s a limited servant you weren’t able to pull the first time or you missed its rateup you may add it to your list, as well as those upcoming servants that have been shown (like Assassin Tamamo), hinted at (Kotomine) or just famous characters of the Fate franchise that could cause great revenue for DW (like Achilles was not so long ago).

Don’t roll for literally anything.

2nd Tip. Out of those, determine which ones do you want the most.

Not all servants are created equally and you may prefer a 5* over another despite wanting them both. Try separating them into groups depending on how much you want them.

For those out there that aren’t sure how much do you like a servant over others I recommend using the Fate Grand Sorter to easily make a ranking of the servants you like the most. Granted that some of them are missing, but it will give you a rough idea of how much do you like each servant. The results may even surprise you putting someone you thought you liked much lower than you expected or an underdog securing a top 10 spot.

Having too many favorites can be dangerous.

3rd Tip. Decide beforehand how much quartz and tickets do you want to spend for each servant.

Now that you have the servants sorted out you can make a plan on how much of your limited resources you want to spend for an attempt of getting them.

This one may be a little trickier to pull off, but there are ways to make the process really simple and effective.

A way that I use is to separate servants into spending tiers, for reference:

  • All-in tier: Self-explanatory. Spending all quartz reserves for THAT one servant. In my case is Merlin for the NA server and Miyu for JP (I want to believe).

-The X quartz barrier tier: For servants you want In it the spending is limited to a certain number to ensure there are enough resources left for the All-ins when they appear. Which knowing the wacky schedule of NA might be at any time.

The idea is to create some kind of self-imposed barrier or line that you never cross except for the All-ins.

Also, since tickets are a different "currency" you can decide wether to spend them in these servants or not as it will not affect your quartz stash.

You can put those limits wherever you want depending on your situation and even create different lines for servants you like more than others (ie. In JP I have Hijikata sitting in a 300SQ line and Okita in the 400SQ line. So if my quartz reserves are 400+ I may roll for whichever of the two but if my quartz are between 300-400 I can only roll with quartz for Hijikata).

If you follow this method I would recommend putting that line on a round number so it’s easier to keep track of it.

-All the tickets tier: Self-explanatory, using all the tickets and no quartz. For those servants mildly interested on. I think of tickets as an expendable resource while quartz are to be kept for the big ones. That way it is easier to make a few rolls

-Yoloroll tier: One single ticket pull. For those servants you are not really interested but there’s still an itch of rolling for them. The point of this one isn’t expecting anything as much as wanting to get the “well, I tried” feeling.

-Nothing at all tier: Sumanai rateup, the Nth Fuyuki servants banner, a servant that will also enter the permanent gacha, you name it.

Know what you are facing against.

4th Tip. Have fun and relax.

So you didn’t get the character you wanted with your budget? There’s always next time. DW likes money so another banner for that servant will eventually come. And thanks to the support system you may almost always take that servant for a spin, just befriend someone with that one and everything will be peachy.

Even if you wanted that servant for gameplay reasons FGO always provides alternatives, if you don’t believe me take a look at the players that beat challenge quests with 1-3* or make a Cu Solo run. Just think of the long game and give it your best preparing for the next rateup.

It has happened to the best of us.

And that is all. Feel free to post your own tips and tricks down in the comments.

Stay unsalty!

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