Interesting Predictions for Goku's Adventure after Super


According to one of IGN’s DBZ articles, the the writer of the article speculated a few possible outcomes that might happen after super. Emphasis on the “might” since nothing has been stated yet. One of the hypothesis is that Frieza will take over another universe……Weird right? What would his motive be and how would he be able to do so I wonder? Another one is that Goku will revive his family. Reviving his father Bardock kind of sounds reasonable, but does he mean also reviving Raditz?? It doesn’t seem as likely since he’s more of the “I want to find more stronger opponents to fight” sort of guy. These are just some of my speculations, but if you want to read further details about what this article entails please click on the link provided below.

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There is also a discussion about whether Vegeta will go for Ultra Instinch


Really?? That’d be cool to see :smiley: !