Introduction to Fate Grand Order


In order to rewrite history you play as a mage that jumps through time to prevent disasters before they can happen. Your mage, here on out called a Master will summon mythological and historical figures as servants to fight for you.

Okita Souji, King Arthur, Mordred, Hercules, Miyamoto Musashi, Jack The Ripper, Leonardo Da Vinci, and more will join your battle!

Through the game you will meet legendary figures of both history and fiction, such as Nero or Sir Francis Drake. And it’s your job to bring everyone together to save the universe.

You summon heroes and heroines from various ages and they are designated into classes. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses, and affect how you play the game in different, and unique, ways. For instance assassins are great for generating critical hit stars while Riders have the ability to increase their chances of getting critical hits by drawing in critical hit stars.

The Saber class is the most well-rounded and is personified by the titular hero(ine) Arturia Pendragon. Think of this class as your jack of all trades class. They have high HP and a strong attack and do not possess any negative stat modifiers.

The Archer class is exactly what you would expect, they’re the ranged class best known for their survival but relatively frail strength and nature; this class is also personified by the titular hero(ine) Arturia Pendragon. They have very high HP but a much lower attack.

The Lancer class is at the forefront for dealing deadly critical blows and massive damage. Once again this class is personified by the titular hero(ine) Arturia Pendragon. While they boast the highest HP in the game they have lower attack, however it is boosted by a higher attack multiplier.

The Rider class excels in absorbing strength to unleash strong critical attacks. This class, like the others is easily personified by the titular hero(ine) Arturia Pendragon. They have average HP and below average attack.

The Assassin class dishes out swift attacks giving companions the opportunity to deal large amounts of damage and is personified by the titular hero(ine) Arturia Pendragon. They have below average HP and attack with a lower attack modifier.

The Caster class is primarily a support by bolstering the strengths of comrades with their skills and arts and is not personified by the titular hero(ine) Arturia Pendragon (yet). They tout their strength with the lowest attack in the game (with a lower attack modifier) and average HP.

The Berserker class is a high damage dealing class allowing for it to deal more damage than other classes and is personified by the titular hero(ine) Arturia Pendragon. They have the highest attack in the game accompanied with average HP.

The Ruler class has the ability to mitigate the damage through their special ability and is personified by a lookalike of the titular hero(ine) Arturia Pendragon.

Shielder class is primarily for servants who wish to block and reduce damage. This class is unfortunately not personified by the titular hero(ine) Arturia Pendragon.

Party (Class Triangle)

You will create a party of 5 servants with 1 support slot. You can mix and match various classes or use a single class. Up to you. Within each class a Servant can fulfill a role so there is a variety of compositions you can make. You typically want to mix and match due to their strengths and weaknesses. Each Servant can also possess a Craft Essence which is an ability modifier. Your party will contain a total of 6 servants but only the first 3 will join the fray and the remaining members join as your Servants fall.

  • Saber beats Lancer, Lancer beats Archer, Archer beats Saber.

  • Caster beats Assassin, Assassin beats Rider, Rider beats Caster.

  • Berserker deals extra damage to all classes but takes extra damage.

  • Ruler and Shielder take reduced damage.

Attack Types

Each Servant has a deck of 5 attacks which are divided into 3 different types listed below. Every turn you will draw 5 attack cards from a pool of the servants you have on the field with the card being a certain type and associated with the specific servant. You can choose three attacks every turn and the goal is to defeat your enemy using your attacks. Additionally you have the ability to match certain attack types together to strengthen the type’s effect or chain a single servant’s attack card all into an attack chain giving you extra combo hits.

  • Quick generate stars which is used to increase critical hit chance

  • Artes generate meter for Noble Phantasms

  • Buster deals large amounts of raw damage

Noble Phantasm

Once you get 100% meter gauge you have the ability to use your Noble Phantasm, which is a manifestation of that hero/heroine’s legend. It’s your super. It does a lot of damage or it does extra support like stuff. Save it for when you think you need it. Or don’t.

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